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About: What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the most valuable and oldest digital currency that was made available in 2009. It is, in reality, a digital money in the form of a coin that is produced after a lot of mathematical calculations. Bitcoin is traded directly by sellers and buyers without third parties. All transactions are registered in an electronic booklet named blockchain.

The Best Places to Buy Bitcoin

With the increased usage of virtual currency, the amount of websites offering these currencies has also increased. Their number rose from just 6 in 2014 to more than 3,000 in 2019. With more than 400 bitcoin exchanges, people are concerned over which is the safest and most secure website to purchase virtual currencies.

After a minute observation of the different bitcoin exchanges, we have come to the conclusion that Coinmama is the strongest and most accurate exchange for bitcoin transactions. Coinmama is an Israel-based cryptocurrency exchange that enables users to acquire bitcoins from their Debit or Credit Cards without any inconvenience of authentication.

Another top factor to purchase bitcoins from this platform is that it is in the ‘offshore’ area and uses the cash deposit form as well. This website holds your purchases to a large degree confidential.

The website is also built so that people can access it conveniently on their PC and smartphone browsers as well. In addition, this platform offers 24/7 customer service to assist customers with whatever sort of issues they encounter while buying bitcoins. One of the simplest ways to purchase bitcoins is with the Debit/Credit card.

This is because this approach helps you to purchase coins from every trustworthy location in the country, no matter where you’re seated. One point worth noting here is that most websites require authentication for this method.

Some involve authentication of the ID by submitting an image containing the debit/credit card. Others need SMS or some other form of authentication. The following are the measures to purchase bitcoins from Coinmama without authentication.

Why Do You Need An ID or Verification to Buy Bitcoin?

Imagine this. An inexperienced bitcoin buyer tries to buy bitcoins into the bitcoin market, and is impressed by the high rates and the frenzy of the exchange.

Eager to get invested until the most improbable asset bubble explodes, the would-be trader plans to move thousands of dollars into this strange and fresh universe and thinks of things to come… before the exchange requests for him to send a scan of his government-issued ID verification and a picture of him keeping that ID.

With this, all of his passion for the buying fades. Bitcoin was hyped as an anonymous source of currency. Decentralized and bought bitcoin with a credit debit card without id verification (personally-identifiable details) linked to each purchase, bitcoin and its descendant bitcoins were advertised as a way to divorce one’s identification from one’s buying conduct.

For those who hated government interference of one’s personal life, this included a serious threat. But, the legal requirement that you display ID to buy bitcoin and sell on an exchange creates disunity among citizens. So, why do you have to be shown an ID to buy bitcoin and sell cryptocurrencies?

Know-Your-Customer Rules

Most governments view bitcoins, meaning alternate coins, as currency. On March 18, 2013, the United States Financial Fraud Control Network, an organisation of the U.S. Department of the Treasury, formally approved bitcoin as a “convertible virtual currency.”

This means that FinCEN sees little distinction between distributing fiat currency and transmitting bitcoin. A currency transmitter, or remittance agent is better represented as… Person B obtains currency from person C and either takes it to person D or to company B or person A. It doesn’t matter who conducted the service on the currency; what needs to be decided is whether the currency is changing hands.

Although the FinCEN findings confirmed the validity of bitcoin, they made it clear that bitcoin-transmitter businesses must comply with federal regulations, particularly when it comes to anti-money laundering (AML) and know-your-customer (KYC) enforcement, as specified by the Bank Secrecy Act.

This caused a campaign to “prove your worthiness” by bitcoin companies. Just as a bank or Western Union, exchanges must gather information such as names, emails, and government Ides.

Similarly, it must warn FinCEN of any future illegal practises and must take steps against suspected money laundering. The explanation this is relevant derives from the fact that Mt. Gox was once managing over 70% of the world’s bitcoin transactions.

In 2014, about $450 million worth of bitcoins were stolen from Mt. Gox, which shuttered the exchange. Mutum Sigillum refused to file with FinCEN in order to receive and pay fiat currency from and to American customers for the purposes of Mt. Gox transactions without collecting and disclosing necessary AML/KYC documents to escape irregular activity reporting requirements. FINCEN seized MUTUM SIGILLUM May 14, 2013. This instance illustrates why KYC rules exist and why they are important to secure the transactions of digital currency.

But I Want to be Anonymous!

If you don’t want to reveal ID, you can buy bitcoin anonymously. If you wanted to buy bitcoins from non-money transmitters, you’d be excluded from the ID criteria. If you have a non-user-controlled wallet, you can buy bitcoins or bitcoins at a P2P exchange or a non-user-controlled bitcoin ATM.

Please notice, these sites often offer bitcoin at non-exchange rates and can charge a fee. Furthermore, you can visit to locate a Bitcoin MeetUp in your city. There, you can meet and exchange in-person. You may also buy bitcoins during their ICO, and then exchange them later for standard bitcoin.

However, most trades will also ask for ID, of special emphasis in American trades. Regardless of the approach you use, consider the possible risks and all applicable state and international laws relating to the buying and sale of bitcoin and altcoin.

Buy Bitcoin Anonymously?

Despite how anonymous Bitcoin can sound, it is obviously not fully anonymous; for any transaction publicly published on the blockchain, it is incredibly easy to see how the Bitcoin can be traced back to you. There are options to buy Bitcoin anonymously with cash such as other coins or Bitcoin ATM/vending machines.

Indeed, there are several sites that search for a minimal type of ID, such as BitQuick. In addition, in order to remain fully anonymous and entirely offline, you need to use solutions like Tor and TAILS, coin mixers, a VPN provider, and more.

Inevitably, paying for privacy has its own inconveniences and drawbacks. It is essential to each consumer to evaluate which feature he or she would respect less for the sake of the other.

Is Bitcoin Anonymous?

No, it’s not. Bitcoin is also somewhat less anonymous than currency, but it is also much more private than a credit card. The way Bitcoin functions, all Bitcoin transactions are registered in a public or public and private archive, called a blockchain.

The data in these Bitcoin transfers contains the Bitcoin sum exchanged, the Bitcoin addresses of the sender and receiver, and the Bitcoin addresses of the sender and recipient.

Can Bitcoins be Traced?

Since any Bitcoin transaction is based on a previous Bitcoin transaction, and the blockchain is a distributed database, all Bitcoin transfers have a traceable background that can be checked by everyone. However, emails are entirely traceable, so no one may identify who used it. This is why Bitcoin is also named pseudonymous or pseudonymous.

However, one’s ID can be connected to a Bitcoin address by methods other than a credit card. As an example, when certain people reveal their Bitcoin address with their name.

If the connection of the blockchain to Bitcoin is made, anyone with enough determination, time, and money will decide how many units of currency a person has, how they obtain them, and how they invest them. To deal with Bitcoin anonymously, one must take care to avoid your real identity from being connected with your transactions and address.

Make a Bitcoin Wallet Without ID – Is It Possible?

When saving Bitcoin in a private wallet, no sensitive details ever have to be released. You can anonymously and reliably withdraw and deposit funds from your anonymous Bitcoin wallet, without needing to provide any of your identifiable details.

However, Bitcoin operates on a distributed network which gives users full and total control over their funds. So, just note this — if you do lose the secret key to your Bitcoin wallet, nobody will be able to rescue you, and you would lose access to all your funds.

As I will explain, there are many forms of anonymous Bitcoin wallets, each structured to provide its users with specific benefits and drawbacks. Now we will explore app wallets.

Software Wallet

The most common form of Bitcoin wallet are the app wallets that are simple to get and use. All you need to do is receive a client update on your device. The app wallet creates a public and private key for you. You may then move Bitcoins into and out of the wallet at any time. Let’s explore Electrum, one of the most popular and trusted Bitcoin wallets.


After considering all the various tech Bitcoin wallets accessible, Electrum is the best for anonymity. It was introduced in 2011, making it one of the oldest and most reliable wallets in the industry today. The software can be downloaded for free and runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux machines.

After getting your coins, you would be able to submit them to other users. You type the amount of digital coins you wish to send, along with the recipient’s Bitcoin address, and then press “send”! This is an issue for virtually every Bitcoin wallet.

Despite the wallet having no expense, Electrum charges a tiny fee each time anyone sends a payment with payment methods. The team says that it’s one of the best digital wallets in the industry and leaves all confidential data secured.

Therefore, I assume a small charge for security of your coins is fair. Electrum helps you to build a hidden password that can be used to reclaim your wallet if you destroy the wallet’s private key. As long as you hold both of these stable, your financial resources can perpetually remain healthy. Aim to keep your computer secure from viruses and ransomware from hacks.

Mobile pocket

A mobile wallet allows your mobile phone to store Bitcoin. You download your digital wallet straight to your mobile. This form of wallet is the most useful when sending and receiving funds due to ease of usage.

Bread wallet

There are now various different Bitcoin wallet styles available on the app stores, but the strongest anonymous Bitcoin wallet for mobile devices is Bread. Breadwallet is a Swiss crypto wallet and is available on both Google Play and Apple stores.

To secure allowed entry to your account, you will need to insert a six-digit PIN while obtaining your wallet. You then will pick 12 random words which, along with your pin, will reset your password.

As one of the most useful aspects of using a Bitcoin wallet like Bread, users can submit and receive payments with payment methods using a compatible QR code scanner. In this case, if you find a shop that takes Bitcoin, you will easily check the store’s QR code inside the Bread wallet and the payment methods would be automated.

Another special characteristic of Bread is that transfers arise straight off of the blockchain. This is a rather reliable solution since most other wallets need confidence in a third-party provider before making a transaction. Safari’s other protection features include user authentication via Touch ID which needs a fingerprint to open the wallet.

One drawback to the Bread wallet is that it only supports Bitcoin, so you will have to store your bitcoins somewhere else. Now that you recognise the advantages of apps and mobile wallets, the next form of anonymous Bitcoin wallet is hardware wallets!

Hardware Wallet

Hardware wallets are deemed the best way to store cryptocurrencies. They retire coins offline, which means that they are not vulnerable to hacking. The two most common hardware wallets are the Ledger Nano S and Trezor. Both are both equally stable, but the Ledger Nano S is slightly sleeker than the Trezor.

Ledger Nano S

To start, you should note that unlike the other wallets I have mentioned, Ledger Nano S is not secure. When purchasing it with a credit card from the approved manufacturer (which you can often do for security reasons), it will cost you about 90 Euros.

In order to retrieve your computer, you are forced to enter a recovery password. This password is different from your pin or the seed. Also, upon obtaining your unit, you will need to trigger it with a code.

This is a prerequisite each time a computer is used or money is sent. You send coins from one place to another by entering them into the same place as you do in every other wallet. Therefore, this ensures that the details should be cast secretly.

Another noteworthy advantage of trading in the Ledger wallet is that it funds several bitcoins, such as Ethereum, Ripple, and ZCash! While a hardware wallet is the most safe place to hold coins, it allows shipping coins a little more cumbersome.

This is because linking the wallet to the computer enables transfers to be carried out. If you are involved in sending money when travelling, then a hardware wallet is not built for that reason.

How Can I buy Bitcoin without ID or Verification?

Until Bitcoin became mainstream, people assumed Bitcoin was anonymous in appearance. Since all is reported on a publically shared global database, it is often understood how many items that one does.

You realise that if you leave a digital trace (such as purchasing bitcoins with an ID and a credit card), then it would only require devoted time and money to unscramble your transactions on Bitcoin’s blockchain.

This is why more and more users are exploring ways to bring anonymity to the Bitcoin network for better privacy and protection. Many people want to know how they can buy bitcoin without having details about themselves. In answer to popular interests around bitcoins, several businesses offer anonymous buying/selling of bitcoins.

Lastly, there are several strategies and suggestions that allow us to remain fully anonymous. To accommodate users with heightened privacy needs, I will discuss the safest way to buy bitcoin without ID. But one has to bear in mind that the additional privacy comes at a premium. These strategies are over twice as expensive as most methods to get bitcoins. Now, let us start.

1. CEX helps consumers to buy bitcoin with $100 per day without any ID. This principle is often useful by utilising a credit card to pay.
Currencies accepted: USD, EUR, RUB, GBP, USDT, BTC, GUSD, OMG, ONT, Steam, BAT, XTZ, MATIC, Connection, WABI, USDC, NEO, ADA, USDT, NEO/GAS.
Money payment methods: credit card, debit card, and electronic funds transfer.


CoinMama is the best website to buy Bitcoins for beginners. You may buy Bitcoin in $150 with a credit card and buy bitcoin without id verification and having documents. There is no need to display a credit card when making minor transactions at these kiosks.

3. LocalCryptos

Localcryptos is a peer to peer marketplace where no authentication is needed. It has an extensive buyer-seller network, which is in over 15,000 cities worldwide. It is possible to buy bitcoins and sell goods online or offline. You have a range of payment methods like money, money transfer, PayPal or SEPA transfer, or direct bank deposit (all depending on the seller).

The wallet is non-custodial and helps its consumer to stay in charge of their funds. There are fixed rates for these platforms and they are just 0.25% for the market producer and 0.75% for the consumer. Try to find out a seller’s credibility. A better reputation implies a more trustworthy seller.

4. Individual to Person Transaction

Trialling this technique could be one of the most under-utilized strategies for Bitcoin purchasing with a credit card. As the popularity of Bitcoin begins to grow, you will experience a number of individuals who own Bitcoin and it’s possible to directly buy Bitcoins from them.

You will find that certain sales agents would not be able to sell you at the market price, since they would save money on the taxes. You can also compare rates and learn about various p2p trading schemes for further choices. Be sure that you only use a safe Bitcoin wallet that holds your money.

5. Bitcoin kiosks

Bitcoin ATM. The popularity of Bitcoin ATMs is frustrating. However, it is one of the easiest ways to buy Bitcoins without ID. Some bitcoin ATMs don’t ask you to have your name or fingerprints with any deposit or withdrawals. Bitcoins may be bought at banks and bitcoin ATMs in return for fiat currency.

A Bitcoin ATM demands that you check the public address where you wish to receive the crypto-money you deposited. In certain situations, if you do not have a public address, you can choose to “don’t have an address” and the bitcoin ATM can produce a paper wallet for you (if it supports that feature). Is it the case that your nation provides Bitcoin ATMs?

6. Bitsquare (aka BISQ)

BitShares. Bitswap is a peer-to-peer blockchain for cryptocurrencies. It makes it anonymous to buy bitcoins with no identity, email ID, or authentication. To be completely anonymous, a P2P network can use the Tor project and shouldn’t keep fiat or cryptocurrency on their server or in their account.

Every phase of the exchange from the order placement to the execution is autonomous. Actually, it supports over 100 cryptocurrencies and is usable on Windows, Mac, and Linux, however it has poor exchange rate.

Bitsquaure’s different features will not be mentioned in this post. Yet CoinSutra will address all relevant facets of Bitsquare in the future.
Please note: Bisq has recently rebranded owing to copyright concerns.

7. Myco Local Trader’s

Mycological Local Seller. Mycelium Local Trader is brought to you by Mycelium, the leading Bitcoin wallet and intelligence provider. It is built into Mycelium, which can be used worldwide. It uses your phone’s GPS to link you to merchants nearby, permitting you to buy bitcoins at the best price nearby.

A buyer and a seller literally meet in person to swap cash or buy bitcoin without ID or verifications using Mycelium. Here is the comprehensive tutorial on how to buy bitcoins from our local dealer. Please make sure you are getting cash on the Mycelium app before you commit to the trade.

8. Wall of Coins

Wallet of Coins. Wall of Coins is one of the easiest means of purchasing bitcoin with a credit debit card privately, but it’s definitely not the only one. It is mainly a cash-based economy where cash is used as the main payment form as payment methods. A Bitcoin seller sells to people close to them and provides them with their bank account records.

Then, you may then deposit cash at a local bank branch. If the investment is checked, the escrowed coins will be issued to you. Like eBay, the vendors set their own rates. Wall of Coins is actually functioning in the states of the US, Canada, Brazil, Chile, Germany, Latvia, Poland, and the Philippines.

9. Shapeshift or Changelly Swap

Shapeshifting or change-killing. To gain bitcoins, many prefer to use ShapeShift or Changelly. Both of these programmes need no ID authentication to begin with. However, Changelly allows you to enter a valid email ID, and includes a character alias as an option. ShapeShift doesn’t need an email address.

I use Changelly for their quick exchange rate and their viewable transaction history in monitoring my currency exchange. This form of trading allows you to have specific bitcoins such as LTC/DASH/etc. to buy bitcoin. You can buy bitcoins with bitcoins in seconds by paying with cash.

Conclusion – Can You Buy Bitcoin Without ID?

Both of the approaches mentioned above enable you to buy bitcoins without id, although even with more advanced strategies, you can still be traced. You may sometimes be found through your IP or by the private wi-fi that you are using.

Or maybe you inadvertently unveil your Bitcoin public address online anywhere. Or a vendor could track you down from your mobile or vehicle number while you deal with your face-to-face fiat/Bitcoin.

There are potential means of unmasking privacy, so I recommend that you read our Guide 6 Ways To Render Untraceable Buy Bitcoins for more severe users of Bitcoin. In the immediate future, CoinSutra is planning to post even more tested ways to work privately with Bitcoin. But keep coming back for the new tips and tricks!

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