Crypto Digest News team welcomes you! We are dedicated to bring you the latest crypto investment information, whether you are a serious crypto investors or you are just starting your journey. In our effort to ensure the quality of our contents shared on this website, we’d like to introduce our founder and chief editor, Eric Ho.

He is one of the crypto early adopters in the 2015, backed by his knowledge from his student days at UCLA. He is currently having his last year his MSc in Financial Engineering, which further equip him with a greater understanding of global financial markets.  He agrees that his studies have enabled him to view the crypto in an analytical manner.

Eric has driven the team to be firm believers in Bitcoin, Crypto and the Blockchain Technology, and here’s an open letter from him to everyone who is reading this website. Look, we cannot stress enough on how lovely it’d be to hear your thoughts, click here if you would like to connect with us.

Eric Ho
Co-founder & Chief Editor

Hello there!

Allow me to thank you for popping by this section to have a better understanding on what Crypto Digest News is all about. I’m truly in awe and I’m grateful for your precious time. I promise I will keep this note short and sweet.

With over 10 years of experience working as a financial analyst, I have always been a strong advocate for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology ever since I’ve heard about them because for me, they are the future of finance. When everyone was going nuts on cryptocurrency back in 2017, I spent my times outside my studies to obsessively comb through every single website I can find online, all for getting the original contents as the resources for my interest.

Unfortunately, I’ve met more cunning scammers than genuine builders throughout my search. It frustrates me like how most websites are profit-focused instead of keeping you informed. Besides, information asymmetry has significantly shown how there’s an underlying danger that cannot wait to separate you and your Bitcoin. In Crypto Digest News, we have a systematic evaluation onto the coins because I’m a firm believer in data analysis.

I was lucky enough to be able to connect with the builders and projects that shape this industry and I made a rather bold decision – to share my privileged look of an insider with the world. However, I feel somewhat obliged to urge you for gathering more information as you get more into this. As these technologies dislodge the controllers behind the financial system, you can definitely benefit from the best transfer of wealth in history

Join us and become part of the movement. If you have any question, feel free to drop me an email. Hope to hear from you soon. Cheers!